August 25, 2023

From Prototype to the Next Phase

Starting a new project often comes with the desire for perfection right from the get-go. However, I’ve always found immense value in beginning with a rough prototype, whether it was for my recent multiplayer Unreal 5 networking implementation gig for a First Person Shooter, fancy Candy Crush features, or that quirky AR game I spent way too much time and energy on. My latest endeavor? A super simple text adventure game engine. Read more

August 20, 2023

Crafting a Text-Based Adventure Game in Swift

While working on a project, I found myself crafting a super simple text-based adventure engine. Once the core mechanics were in place, it struck me that this could double as a nice Swift tutorial. So, for those who’ve fond memories of classics like “Zork” and “Hobbit”, join me in recreating that magic. We’ll employ JSON to map out our game world and then use Swift to animate our adventures. 1. Our Game’s Blueprint: JSON The game’s structure is described in a structured JSON format. Read more

February 10, 2023

RealityKit <3 PencilKit

I had this idea of creating a collaborative AR experience where friends could draw and create art together. I made a small prototype just to play with the format and how it would feel on an iOS device while learning to combine RealityKit and the pretty amazing PencilKit. At this point it mostly serves as a demo of how to integrate RealityKit and PencilKit in a nice way but who knows what will happen in the future. Read more

February 8, 2023

RoomPlan using SwiftUI

I spent almost a year working with VR/AR for a pretty big game company. They make some great games, mostly in Unity and for the Oculus Quest range of headsets. Some of the games needed to mark out the surrounding play area and obstacles manually in order to start playing. Really nice games but that startup process was quite tedious. When I saw the RoomPlan session at WWDC I had this idea to get rid of the manual setup and instead use one of the players iPhones, map out the surrounding area with RoomPlan, sync it with the headset and then anchor it in the game. Read more

February 7, 2023

Controlling AR-entities with an iPhone

I once worked on adding support for hands tracking for an existing VR game on the Oculus Quest2. Moving from controllers to just using your hands made me think about interaction design in VR/AR in a new way. The dream scenario would be to just do the same thing as with controllers, but with hands. That would be fast, cheap and fancy, right? Turns out it worked but wasn’t very fun, and didn’t spark joy. Read more